Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Plurk Shirts Designs

This post would be more on plurk shirts design and selling of it, last 2009 I was able to print shirts with my own designs on it since somebody ordered from me in a bulk basis, I was able to make it and shipped to him but unfortunately I really don't know if he liked the quality of the shirts since the tshirt printing made it fast and not nicely done, but I really dont know if they liked it, since I did'nt get any complain from them, well anyways I was able to get my own Plurk shirt too, and yeah it was quite good though. So talking about the 2010 Plurk Shirts here they are:

So there you go, I only presented the 3 possible designs to be printed, I am still deciding if I will sell or not, If ill get a lot of orders, maybe I can sell some of those, and of course Ill be assuring for a high quality and good prints on it. So just watch out for further announcement. :)


advendy said...

nice design :-)

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